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“After two to three weeks of increasing stiffness and pain in my lower back due to a fall indoors I contacted Mr Joe Arkle, and am pleased and relieved to say that after four consecutive treatments I am back to pre–fall condition – which is a relief at 92 years of age.”
Mr Boon, Bovey Tracey (25th April 2017)
“I had severe pain in the lower part of my back, and could only sit on the right side of a chair. Getting into the driver’s seat and driving was dire. I was recommended by a friend to go and “see Joe” at the Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic. In a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, he diagnosed my problem and now after just 5 sessions I have no pain. Now I am going to have maintenance sessions to manage my spine in the future.”
Mrs M.B., Bovey Tracey (25th April 2017)
“I had suffered severe incapacitating lower back pain before coming to Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic. Because of complicating factors Joe speedily arranged for an xray before commencing work. After only 3 sessions may back improved dramatically. I know that I can always go back if I have further problems. Joe is very thorough and professional and I feel confident in his hands. Thank you Joe.”
Mr John Taylor, Chagford (11th April 2017)
“I have found my experience and treatment at Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic very beneficial. I had neglected a neck injury for over two years, sustained in a car accident and it was getting progressively more painful. I had stiffness and pain, found it difficult to turn my head and it was affecting my day to day activities and sleeping. Joseph diagnosed the problem and we started on a course of treatment initially intensive requiring appointments closer together which stretched out as the condition improved. The benefits of the treatment received have been amazing, enabling me to sleep better and enjoy activities such as walking, working, driving etc. without pain and discomfort. At all times I was consulted throughout the treatment; there was no ‘hard sell’ and pressure. I have felt very comfortable enjoying a warm and friendly welcome and experience..”
Mrs J.T., Manaton (23rd March 2017)
“Having suffered many years of increasing pain and discomfort from a neck/shoulder injury, I was recommended to try the Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic. After just one visit I had considerable relief, and the improvement continued with every treatment. Now all the pain has gone and my mobility is almost 100%. Thankyou. I would recommend the clinic to anyone!”
Ms Griffiths, Chagford (20th March 2017)
“I came to the clinic with lower back pain that had been affecting my day to day life, as well as my current job for many years. After the initial consultation, it was explained to me the reasons behind the problems I was having. I was given a clear plan of how to move forward with my treatment. I stuck to exactly what was recommended for me in terms of the amount of treatment required and began to notice results almost immediately with my back gradually improving week on week. Some 12 months on I am 100% pain free and able to do all the things I was unable to do before. I would recommend the clinic highly to anyone and cannot rate the service I have received highly enough.”
Mr Kelsey, Ipplepen (20th March 2017)
“Having not used a chiropractor before, I was sceptical! However, the pain I was experiencing last year was immeasurable. The subsequent treatment resulted in a speedy recovery and the periodic check–ups have ensured a pain free back, allowing me to continue with my very active lifestyle.”
Miss Tamson Russell, Hennock (20th March 2017)
“After suffering with Migraines for 20 years and progressing through strengths of medications, I decided to try something different. I knew I had neck issues and was trying to strengthen it using Pilates but it had got to the point where this was actually making things worse. Now after Joseph’s treatments I have reduced my migraines considerably and can now go back to Pilates without suffering ill effects. I would thoroughly recommend Joseph.”
Mrs S.L., Liverton (11th July 2016)
“I have had debilitating lower back pain on and off for many years, sometimes due to physical exertion, sometimes for no reason – also hip pain. I came to Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic because of a friend’s recommendation. And am really glad I did! Since finishing a course of treatment 2 months ago, I have not had back or hip pain. Everyday life has become so much easier.”
G.S., Hennock (28th June 2016)
“Having given up on a Pain Management regime with the NHS, mainly because of the lengthy intervals between consultations and treatments, I referred myself to Dr Arkle. I have struck an instant rapport with a confident practitioner who explores problems in a professional and sympathetic manner. I have been, and am, receiving effective treatment to alleviate chronic back pain and mobility problems and have no hesitation in recommending the Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic.”
Jim Wallis, Bovey Tracey (20th June 2016)
“After having pain in my neck and severe headaches I have not had much luck with a previous chiropractor; Joseph was recommended by my brother. I found Joseph very professional and empathetic. Joseph clearly explained what was causing the pain and how he would treat it. After a couple of appointments, I could really feel the benefit. I am very grateful to Joseph for helping me and would highly recommend him to anyone.”
Miss Jo Battershall, Ashburton (16th June 2016)
“I would like to express my gratitude to Mr Arkle for helping me overcome my back spasms. I arrived at his clinic doorstep in considerable pain and using my mum’s walking sticks. I could hardly walk; the pain was severe. He was very professional. I had a very thorough consultation, and he started my treatment there and then as I had given my consent. I took on board all his advice, and went home to put it all into practice. He saw me again that week and for four more visits. My back is much better now, I can walk upright, and have periodic maintenance treatments. I definitely will recommend him to anyone that needs help.”
Mrs Davies, Bovey Tracey (16th June 2016)
“After receiving a sharp knock to my shoulder blade last year, I was suffering from a loss of sensation in my thumb and forearm and pain in my scapular muscles which would gradually worsen over the course of a day. Nine months without any improvement forced me to find an alternative treatment to pain medication, and I found the Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic while searching online. Joe diagnosed a trapped nerve in my 6th cervical vertebrae and suggested a course of treatment including ultrasound and manipulation. During the initial twice–weekly treatments, I was surprised at how severe the loss of sensation had been, as the pressure around the nerve relaxed and the feeling slowly began to return to my thumb and forearm. Since then I have experienced significant results and have been able to reduce the number of treatments to once every fortnight. The pain in my shoulder no longer keeps me awake at night and I can now sit comfortably at work, without having to constantly adjust my position to avoid putting pressure on the scapular muscles, while the sensation in my thumb and forearm has fully returned. Joe’s specialist knowledge and technical skill was fundamental in the process of my recovery and I would highly recommend him and his practice to anyone suffering from a similar injury.”
Miss Karen Donovan, Heathfield (15th October 2015)
“When first meeting Joseph he put me at my ease. He is kind, considerate and very efficient. I would recommend him to anyone, young or old.”
Mrs Schofield, Bovey Tracey (14th October 2015)
“Joe provided a very caring and effective course of treatment. I was in a lot of pain in my right leg and was uncomfortable throughout the day finding it difficult to sleep at night. Within a week the improvement was really noticeable, and after 3 weeks the pain was gone and my movement was in fact better than before the incident. Thanks Joe!”
Mrs D., Lustleigh (9th October 2015)
“Having suffered considerate pain and discomfort for several weeks, especially when walking, I started a course of chiropractic treatment. Mr Arkle’s approach was very professional and he was very sympathetic to my peculiar problem. There was an improvement each time attended and after six sessions all pain and discomfort was gone. I highly recommend him and would use him again if necessary.”
Ian T, Bovey Tracey (5th October 2015)
“Approaching 70 and keen to keep up my walking and tennis I called in at the clinic suffering from recurring neck and shoulder pain. Joseph made no promises and offered no unrealistic expectations but gradually normal use had returned and I am back in action.”
Mr T.N., Bovey Tracey (3rd October 2015)
“Joe Arkle gave a talk at my local WI and was recommended by two separate friends. I consulted Joseph in June 2015, liked his confident, gentle, sympathetic manner and firm treatment of my acute pain and trapped nerve. I have had excellent results of pain relief over the last 3 months. I can now walk, sit, and get on with life.”
Mrs Belinda Groom, Bovey Tracey (2nd October 2015)
“I was in a great deal of pain before I saw Joseph Arkle. He was really good. I would recommend him to anyone.”
Mrs Elizabeth Rowe, Bovey Tracey (11th June 2015)
“I had lower back pain, which affected my work. I couldn’t lift very much, painful when bending over. After consulting with Joseph Arkle, I began to feel the benefits almost immediately, three visits later I could do a lot more work and bending. I still go to Joseph, to keep a check. So far everything going good. The benefits are more than I thought they would be.”
Mr Brown, Chudleigh (29th April 2015)
“After months of lower back pain and frustration at not being able to manage things such as housework and walking the dogs I found Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic. After my initial consultation, Joseph made a treatment plan which in my case involved ultrasound and manipulation. Things started to improve after my second visit and keep on getting better. I have been given exercises to improve my core strength. I am now able to do normal day to day things and even manage the gardening.”
Mrs Yvonne Banton, Bickington (26th April 2015)
“Due to old injuries and enforced inactivity I was in severe pain when I first went to Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic. As a result of the treatment I received, I am now very much better and in considerably less pain. I recommend a consultation to anyone in pain as the range of treatments is so variable and the greeting so friendly.”
Mrs S.P., Ashburton (22nd April 2015)
“When I first came to see Joe, I was in severe pain from a neck injury (caused by a fall) and back pain (chronic but increasing). Joe was efficient and empathetic when I consulted him, arranged an x–ray, diagnosed my problems, and proposed a care plan. The treatment was gentle but effective and delivered with respect and kindness. Within a couple of months I was completely out of pain. In addition, Joe has shown flexibility regarding appointments made. He has also referred me for effective gait analysis.”
Mrs Jenifer Elton–Wilson, Bovey Tracey (15th October 2014)
“I’ve over many years suffered from neck and shoulder problems and have turned to various medical treatments. As a patient at “Bovey Tracey Chiropractic Clinic” I feel the service and professional manner of the treatments I have received from Joseph Arkle to be first class! I feel that since having regular 6 weekly reviews my condition has greatly improved. I would have no hesitation to fully recommend a consultation with Joseph Arkle with the view to consider regular treatments.”
Mrs Sarah Bastable, Bovey Tracey (14th October 2014)


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